Is your creativity as cluttered as mine?

I am on a journey to understand my creativity

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Let’s Celebrate.

This morning I finished an art journal! It had 62 daily spreads and I feel it is a major achievement for me, who although I have been art journaling for years, have never been able to make it a daily habit. I know now what was stopping me from doing art journaling continuously. It wasContinue reading “Let’s Celebrate.”

What inspires?

Yesterday, I spent lots of time printing with my Gelli plates. Why is it that the best prints are always on the rubbish paper and the printoffs? I suppose it is just the way of things. My first round of prints were made using my small (er 8×10 in) plate. I am a bit ofContinue reading “What inspires?”

My Joyful Process.

I thought I might give a little insight into my current work process, which is about my response to the native habitat that surrounds my home. It all starts with being in nature. I walk every day, but also hike quite extensively each week or fortnight depending on the weather. I posted a little whileContinue reading “My Joyful Process.”

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